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Pink Brushes Artwork



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A patriotic mixed media painting featuring the future hockey players. 

My dad wanted me to create a sports series of paintings. This collection is in honour of my dad. While I created these paintings I remembered the fun sporting events he took me to as a child and teen. I saw the second last Jets game with him in 1996, before the hockey team was sold and had to leave my home town. I remember being in the old Winnipeg arena. I remember vividly walking in the old Winnipeg stadium. We went to many football and hockey games together.

Then as my brothers got older we would spend our weekends either in hockey arenas or the football field watching them play, cheering loudly. (Well mom & I were loud. Haha).

Even after I moved to Toronto, dad and I will still catch a Jays game when he comes to visit. It’s always been fun for me to watch a live game.

Our second date, with my now husband, was to his first CFL game. Winnipeg was playing Toronto so I asked if he’d like to join me.

Needless to say, sports are huge in our family and I’m definitely a tomboy that would pick a game with an icy cold beer any day.

I hope that love has translated into my work and that you are reminded of your own wonderful memories.


Mixed media 

Acrylic, pastel & water colour 

24"x12" on stretched canvas

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Tracy's work has been displayed at Robert McLaughlin Gallery. She has donated pieces for auctions and fundraisers for various causes and charities. You can view her work at the Cafe Oshawa House in downtown Oshawa or checkout her socials for daily updates.

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We currently have art displayed in “The Cafe Oshawa House” for people to enjoy while sipping on their coffee. We also had paintings featured in the Robert McLaughlin Gallery.