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About Us


Tracy Davidson attended high school in Winnipeg, Manitoba where she studied Advanced Placement in the Arts. 

In March of 2020, Tracy was unfortunately laid off from work due to Covid-19. Having extra time on her hands, she decided to start painting again. She picked up a brush for the first time in seven years and made "Ballerina." She quickly remembered how much she missed painting and how it fed her soul. "Ballerina" would later be displayed in Robert McLaughlin Gallery.

Her love of animal prints and bright colors is easy to spot in her work as is her attention to detail. She is a modern artist with an admiration for the female form and skylines. 

She has donated pieces for auctions and fundraisers for various causes and charities. She enjoys working with local small businesses in her community creating window designs and murals as well as sharing her love for body portraits. She has a client list that includes municipalities, libraries, politicians, young professionals, stay-at-home moms and local businesses.