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Pink Brushes Artwork

Have Your KD & Eat It Too

Have Your KD & Eat It Too

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“Have fun eating Kraft Dinner for the rest of your life.”
“Thanks I will!”

Growing up I was told (constantly) that there’s no money in art. It’s “not a real job” and that I should get used to eating Kraft Dinner for the rest of my life. I was teased for how I dressed. Kids I thought were my friends, really weren’t. The thing no one tells you though when you’re growing up, is that everyone is so desperate to fit in, then when you get older you just want to stand out. Stand out in your education, jobs you’re applying for, your career, dating & so on. I pride myself now on being different and I’m glad I stayed true to myself.

This painting is for all the dreamers. The kids that don’t fit in. The people hustling after their dreams. I believe in you, I’m cheering for you and yes, you can have your Kraft Dinner & eat it too! 

This original painting is for sale for $200. I will also accept a donation of 100 boxes of Kraft Dinner that I will donate to my local food bank in honour of Pink Shirt Day. 

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Tracy's work has been displayed at Robert McLaughlin Gallery. She has donated pieces for auctions and fundraisers for various causes and charities. You can view her work at the Cafe Oshawa House in downtown Oshawa or checkout her socials for daily updates.

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We currently have art displayed in “The Cafe Oshawa House” for people to enjoy while sipping on their coffee. We also had paintings featured in the Robert McLaughlin Gallery.