Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a window painting last? Great question! As long as you'd like. We still have a window painting up from April 2022 that hasn't faded, cracked or come off. We also offer a protective clear coat to protect your gorgeous design from fading, rain and snow for an additional cost if you're concerned about the elements.


How much does a mural or window design cost? Our fees are flexible and depend on the size and detail of the project. Schedule a zoom call with us to discuss your idea and we can provide an estimate. It's that easy.


Who removes the window painting? We do! We will gladly come out to remove your design for an extra fee. This will be discussed during your zoom consultation. 


Will a window painting damage my windows? No! The window paintings are removed by us, and we will use care and caution while removing the design.


Do you paint murals for private residences? Yes! We work with commercial businesses, small businesses and homeowners. If you'd like a mural for your nursery, mancave, home office, etc. please contact us today.


How far in advance do I need to book for a mural or window painting? The more notice the better. Discussing the project with you, creating the design and quote all take time. We also need time to purchase the required paint and materials. Call us today to get the ball rolling on your project.


Are you insured? Yes! We take care and caution while onsite painting murals and window designs, but we want our clients to have peace of mind as well.


Do you take commissions?  YES! We love hearing your ideas and creating them for you on canvas. We will ask you what size, colors and movement you are looking for. We work with our clients to create paintings that suite their style and budget. Please feel free to contact us about a painting that you'd like to come to life.  


How much does a commission cost? It depends on a few things; size of the painting and how detailed it is are the two main factors. If you are in a hurry to get the painting, that would be another factor. Call us today for a quote.


For the Body Positive paintings do I have to be nude? Absolutely no! You can be clothed however you feel comfortable. The point of these paintings are for you to feel beautiful and comfortable in whatever way that may be.



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